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As you (probably) all know - Pien loves JELLY BEANS. And I totally agree with her cause they’re delicious! 

So, today in school I was like randomly shouting ”JELLY BEANS!” all day. And people were actually looking at me like I was an old retarded hobo, but.. Anyways..  I think I’m going to make a jelly beans blog! :D tell me what you think :P

.xx and may the jellybeans be ever in your favor… 


Look what I found today on my yoghurt. I don’t know in which language this is but it probably means ‘milk’ . But c’mon! Piens? Like 2 Piens ? Bitch, please, there’s ONLY one Pien :D and she’s our Queen Pien <3 Btw, I also think that they could’ve possibly think of writing ‘penis’ but they made a mistake and wrote ‘Piens’. But… Eww! Penis in a yoghurt? I’m never going to drink yoghurt ever again ! The end of my story that doesn’t make any sense at all. I call that my life.

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